Glad you stopped by

Hello and welcome.  If you’re looking for stories, information, rants, and a smattering of humour about PBC, ESLD, transplants or organ donation, you’re in the right spot. Welcome to liver & onions. So, Shrek and his pal Donkey were having a discussion about ogres, and Shrek said that ogres are like onions.  Donkey said “They […]



I’m typing one-handed as I’m 2 weeks post-surgery for a reverse total shoulder replacement.   My grandson calls me Bionic Grandma, as I now have two bonus parts – shoulder and liver. The experience of planning for and then actually having surgery after a transplant is a little more stressful that I might have expected.   I […]

LFTs revisited

Do you believe in karma?  Or a jinx? Recently, I posted “Then and Now … LFTs“,  and gleefully reported how great my numbers are now compared to the months leading up to my transplant. A week ago, my incredibly fit and healthy husband got bloodwork done for his annual physical.   When he shared his liver […]

My doctrine

(Did you know that the collective noun for doctors is doctrine?   I just learned this from Wiktionary.  Who knew?!) So as most transplant patients will understand, I have a doctrine.    That’s my collection of doctors who look after all my medical issues, most of which have some relationship to my liver transplant.    Ok, let’s […]